AKA the mind of an author. In short. Hopefully. 😉

Inspiration comes from everywhere–songs, daily interactions, obsessions. I like to write about extraordinary women, and I almost always find examples aplenty in the alumnae quarterly from college. This one struck me right away, though:

How cool is that?! Well, I thought it was cool, and even though I was working on Lucky Love, the seeds of Rocky Road and Billie Page had been planted. All because of this one article.

From there, I started watching Danika Patrick interviews in my free time. Damn, that woman is intense.

Then I was off to the races. Har har har. OMG ALL THE BAD PUNS.

I’m more of an earthy crunchy, let’s walk in the woods and listen to the birds type of gal (hence Erika in Just Jada), so it was a surprise to even me that I decided to set a book on the race track. But once I did I realized it was the PERFECT way to explore dreams vs. reality, and dreams vs. romance, and dreams vs. the “right thing” to do. Or knowing the right thing to do.

So I learned alllll about IndyCar.

I did it so the setting would be realistic enough to pass, but really, I was using the track for its intensity. For its life or death stakes. How many people have jobs like that? Deep sea welders? High rise window cleaners? Those peeps who mess with the electrical transformers? Perhaps, but there’s something sexy about the way a woman wields power in an IndyCar. On the track, men and women are equal.

I liked that.

So I wrote a book with that as the backdrop.