Rocky Road

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Racing through life means love can pass you by.

Billie Page. IndyCar racing’s darling. To the outside world, she seems put together. Determined. Serious. Only she and the ones close to her know the truth. Billie’s a failure. She works every day to change that, to strengthen her mind and her body for the grueling demands of her job. Everything is about racing. It has to be. It’s all she has left.

Then a woman makes her laugh.

Krysta Ekert lives life on the whims of the wind. She doesn’t know where her next paycheck will come from and doesn’t care. She does what she wants, when she wants it, and asks for forgiveness rather than permission. The moment she meets Billie Page she knows whose bed she’ll be sleeping in that night and it’s not her own.

When Krysta is hit by a car, her accident binds the women together in a way neither of them could have predicted. It’s dangerous for both to stay—Billie may lose her career, Krysta her independence—but leaving becomes less and less of an option the longer they wait. Will they find a way to make it work? Can one really have it all?

Heartwarming and often humorous, Rocky Road is an emotional look at two women searching for happiness in all the wrong places and discovering how much more life offers when you open your heart.

Buy now or read in Kindle Unlimited (US).

Buy Now or Read in Kindle Unlimited (UK).