ShudderCon is here!

Crowds, cosplay… chemistry – it’s all happening for these lucky ladies. Six lesbian romance authors have teamed up to bring you love: convention style in the brand new ShudderCon series.

The House by Lily Craig
The Payoff by Sienna Waters
The Show by Hildred Billings
The Bluff by Kate McLay
The Shark by Cara Malone
The Longshot by Anna Cove

Bet on love at ShudderCon: Vegas!

What are you in the mood to read?

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Rocky Road Inspiration: A Kickass Woman

AKA the mind of an author. In short. Hopefully. 😉 Inspiration comes from everywhere--songs, daily interactions, obsessions. I like to write about extraordinary women, and I almost always find examples aplenty in the alumnae quarterly from college. This one struck me...

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Lucky Love on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited Right Now.

Lucky Love is my favorite book so far. Have I said that about all my books so far? Probably. It's always true (though Sweet Surrender has a special place because it's my first). This one, I have to say, is much funnier and lighter than my other books. Ridiculous,...

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I Heart LesFic Giant Super Mega December Sale

I Heart LesFic Giant Super Mega December Sale

This may be my favorite Christmas present of the year. I Heart Lesfic (if you don't know, go subscribe now!) is hosting a mega sale of lesbian fiction from December 26-29. Over 50 authors are participating in the promotion, offering their books for...

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Just Jada Out Today!

Every time I send a book to my writing partner she comes back with the same comment: [fill in the blank character name] is SO MEAN! And she's right. I have a thing for characters with cold cold hearts who change their ways with the help of sweet sweet love. Jada...

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Romantic Friendships and Love Letters

I listen to far too many true crime podcasts--Serial, Someone Knows Something, Accused--and the most intriguing part of these podcasts to me is... did the person accused do it? What the heck really happened? The most intriguing part is the wondering. Did it happen...

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Sweet Surrender Comes Out Today!

Remind me never to release two books on the same day again. I'm going to be having nightmares for weeks about switching the covers or entering the wrong titles... ahh! hahaha. If that's the worst of my nightmares, it can't be that bad, right? It's here! They're here....

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Story Time: Concert Moments, Part 1

These are great seats, I thought. "He promised me great seats." "Huh?" "He promised me great seats," I said, leaning toward my partner. "Yeah, they're great!" Puffs of pot smoke clouded my vision and clogged my nose. A pillar obstructed half the stage. Even without...

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