Just Jada

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Is love truly its own reward?

Psychotherapist Jada Garcia would be a wealthy woman, if only her control-freak father hadn’t tied up all her money in a trust fund. He hoards every penny, doling out only enough for her to get by from week to week. When Jada is selected as one of two finalists for the prestigious Calver Award in mental health, he threatens to turn off the taps completely if she doesn’t win.

So, yeah, no pressure there.

Forest therapy practitioner Erika Jones has worked hard all her life. She applied for the Calver Award on a whim, and when she becomes one of the two people selected for the final round, it transforms her career. She can’t imagine what actually winning it would do.

Seriously, she can’t imagine it. Because she’s never won anything in her life.

Fueled by desperation not to disappoint her father and lose her trust fund, Jada sets out to secretly sabotage her competition by making Erika doubt herself. It was never supposed to get personal.

It definitely wasn’t supposed to end up with Jada falling in love with her rival. As the pair grow closer, her father’s presence looms large. But as the rewards of love stack up, the lure of the award diminishes.

Now, Jada will have to choose. What’s more important? Love, or money? Her father, or Erika?

Buy on Amazon or read for free in Kindle Unlimited.