Remind me never to release two books on the same day again. I’m going to be having nightmares for weeks about switching the covers or entering the wrong titles… ahh! hahaha. If that’s the worst of my nightmares, it can’t be that bad, right?

It’s here! They’re here. Check them out!

Narrow Escape

Prequel to Sweet Surrender (free everywhere ASAP. For now, free everywhere but Amazon.)

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When Julia Knowles hits it big with her first book, she can’t help but see the perks of fame. All the ladies she wants? Bring ‘em on! Her confidence soars. That is, until a chance encounter with an old friend throws her off her game.

Susan Mayer’s life is full of bad news, until she happens to meet Julia again. With Julia, her husband isn’t dying, her kids aren’t furious with her. With Julia, she has no responsibilities. She feels twenty years younger. With Julia, she can smile.

The temptation to leave is strong, but the timing couldn’t be worse.
If she leaves, she is the worst person ever.
If she stays, she might lose herself to sorrow.

Can Susan resist the temptation of Julia? Should she?

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Sweet Surrender

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There’s life, and then there’s living.

Julia has it all. Fame, fortune, and all the ladies she can get her lips on. But she can’t write her next book. She’s as blocked as a teenager’s pores. Could it be because of the one who got away?

Susan had it all, and now it’s gone. She moves through life like a zombie, doing only what she needs to do to get by. Then Julia returns, and her irreverence and impulsiveness sends a tiny electrical pulse to Susan’s heart.

When Susan and Julia are reunited, they try to ignore the flying sparks. There’s too much baggage—Julia is almost half Susan’s age and was once her student. But they need each other now more than ever. As their bond strengthens and heals, the attraction between them becomes impossible to ignore.

Do Julia and Susan have a future together? Or just a past?

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