Yesterday, Cara Malone and I released a book.

It’s a fun heist lesbian romance with two crews competing for the same rare book manuscript.

You never expect to meet your soulmate at work, especially when it’s midnight, you’re in a ski mask and you’re both breaking into the same bank.

It’s got everything you’d want in a fun caper including double-crosses, crew rivalries, and vicious guard poodles–and everything you’d want in a romance including a burning attraction, quippy dialog, and some steamy hotness.

Click here for a full description & to buy.

Cara and I are so excited!

Behind the Scenes: How we Ended up Writing Together

The First Email

I’m sure Cara has no memory of this, but back when I released Sweet Surrender in autumn 2017, I emailed her. This was not normal for me. I think she was the only author I emailed. I’d read a few of her books and loved them and told her that, and I imagined we would be best author friends and we would talk every day and it would be glorious.

That did not happen.

When she wrote back she was perfectly lovely, of course, but she basically just said: Thanks! Good luck with your book.

Vision smashed.

This sent me straight back into my introvert’s cave for a minute. For once, however, I didn’t stay there. I started to dip my toes out into the lesfic community on Twitter and on writing forums. I participated in short story anthologies with Cara and other lovely authors like Jea Hawkins and Hildred Billings.

A couple months later, I found a direct message in my Twitter account–it was from Cara and she wanted me to join a Slack group with other lesfic authors and readers. It took about 2 seconds for me to send back–YES! I’M IN!

The Slack Group

The Slack group turned out to be, well, absolutely amazing. It’s grown into an active community of published authors, aspiring authors, and readers–at this point it’s easily my favorite place on the the internet. Full of kind, thoughtful, smart people who all have one thing in common–we love lesfic!

Join. Seriously, it’s worth it! And free, of course.

Anyway, this is the place where it really all started. We were hanging out chatting one day and Cara and I both expressed interest in cowriting a book. I don’t remember exactly how it went from there except that one of our readers, Peri, said something along the lines of OMG THAT WOULD MAKE MY YEAR!

Neither of us would pass up an opportunity to make her year so we entered serious talks about whether or not we would do this.

That was about… 10 months ago, I think?

Soon after we committed to working together on the project, I found out I was pregnant.

To say this project saved me creatively is an understatement. I hadn’t expected pregnancy to mess with my mind so much in an existential sort of way… but it did. I tried to write 2 solo books; both were abandoned at different stages of development. The project with Cara was the only thing I could bring myself to do on a consistent basis.

So, it was fortuitous, I suppose. Fortuitous on multiple levels–Cara ended up being a wonderful writing partner and friend as the months progressed.

That’s it. That’s the origin story from my side. I guess I got exactly what I wanted when I wrote that first email… hm? 0:-) I hope you enjoy the book as much as we enjoyed writing it!


Buy Thick as Thieves here.

Join the Slack group here.