The vows were: For better or worse, in sickness and in health.
Too bad they didn’t mention crushing boredom.

Alex Montgomery is in demand. Coming off a public and humiliating crisis at her therapy practice, she’s ready for life to start getting easier. But everyone needs something, from the publisher of her upcoming book to her employees. She doesn’t have the mental space to worry about what’s going on at home. It’s fine. The house is still standing. Her wife and child are still breathing.

Jenny Chen is barely holding on. Every day, she feels pieces of her soul slipping under her childcare and household responsibilities. When she tries to talk to her wife about it, it’s like she’s speaking another language. That is, until she says the word divorce. Alex seems to understand that just fine.

Alex can’t let Jenny go.
Jenny can’t see a way to stay.
Something needs to change, and Alex is just desperate enough to find that something.

Don’t miss this sometimes fun, sometimes challenging, always interesting journey to finding a second chance for love. Can two people who know each other so well change and accept change in one another?

This book, as well as the others in this series, can be read as a stand-alone without having read the other stories, but you’ll enjoy the subplots and secondary characters more if you read the first two in this series as well.