Lucky Love

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Is it true opposites attract?

Pollyanna Alice Richards dreams of buying the purple Victorian house on the corner for her growing antique shop. Her dream becomes a reality when she befriends the elderly owner. They make a deal—the old lady will sell the house to her for a reduced price if Alice visits weekly. But when her benefactor suddenly dies, Alice discovers one major obstacle to her dream.

An obstacle that happens to come in the form of a brilliant, frustrating, dangerously attractive woman.

Lena Luck, a no-nonsense Silicon Valley computer programmer, is horrified her grandmother left the old Victorian mansion to a complete stranger. Not that Lena cares, exactly. She hated the small town, the house, and the old lady. But it’s the principle of the thing. She can’t tolerate the idea of a con-artist getting the better part of her family’s inheritance.

Arriving to fight for what’s rightfully hers, Lena discovers her chemistry with Alice—her enemy—is off the charts.

Can she resist the pull of attraction?
If she gives in to her feelings, will that sentence her to a life in a town she hated?

Find out in this charming love story with enough steam to keep the windows foggy.

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