Maybe this time, the matchmaker has finally met her match.

Joy Zahara has managed to develop a successful social media company that makes zero money. When she escapes across the country to Love Falls hoping to brainstorm a solution for her flailing finances, the last thing she expects is to get in a car accident with the town’s resident lesbian matchmaker. It’s not the most promising of introductions, but it gives her a brilliant idea: develop a matchmaking app.

As owner of The Snuggery Café, Skylar Woodhouse serves coffee and excellent advice. Over the years, she’s buried her dreams beneath her drive for helping others. She’s never met a problem she couldn’t solve. Until she meets Joy, who she can’t quite figure out, no matter how hard she tries. The last thing she expects is to find a connection with the awkward, adorably nerdy woman who rear-ended her hatchback.

Their association was supposed to be all business. At least, it was all business until Joy had the brilliant idea for them to test her matchmaking app on themselves. Spoiler alert: being a high-powered social media exec does not equate with being emotionally self-aware.

Sometimes two people can’t help but fall in love. Even when, on paper, they’d make a terrible match. Even when they’re trying their hardest not to. Fate has brought these opposites together, but in the end, can a CEO from the big city be happy in a place like Love Falls? Or is Joy just a passing fling who will shatter Skylar’s heart when she drops it on the way out the door?